Cash flow

There are countless reasons why you may need to create liquidity. From investment and opportunity to bills and emergencies, we have encountered then all.

We know that these situations can add pressure and need to be quickly resolved. Traditional lending routes are rarely suitable.

Using first and second charges, your entire financial position, and a bit of creativity, we will find options for you as fast as we can.

Then, once the problem is solved, we will help you get back to traditional financing as soon as possible.



Short term Bridging Finance for Cashflow

In basic terms, if you:

  • own a suitable asset which can be used as security (bricks are best, but cars, watches, art, securities and so on also have potential)
  • are using the funds for a legal purpose
  • can show serviceability or we can roll up interest
  • can show a clear way of repaying the loan
  • are asking for a suitable loan to value

…we will be able to help you – one way or another!

We understand that you are on this page because you either need the funds fast, or you are struggling to find a lender to help you. We have every avenue covered in our search for the best solution.

What’s more, once the loan is drawn, we will work with you via Enness Private Clients to make sure that the interest you pay for the loan is as low as it possibly can be.