Defective properties

As a very broad rule, unless the property you are buying is being used according to its planning permission, has a clean title and is habitable, it will be tough to finance via traditional routes.

We have encountered more property types than you can imagine, the trickiest of titles and what seem to be the most insurmountable of problems.

If there is a funding solution – we will find it.



Bridging Loans for Unusual Property types

Most brokers are daunted by properties that have any of the following issues:

  • Short leases
  • Properties without roofs, windows, kitchens or running water
  • Residential properties with 2 kitchens
  • Multiple properties on one title, or split titles
  • Non-conforming listed properties, or properties altered without necessary papers
  • Half-renovated, semi-converted or nearly-extended
  • Properties with subsidence, cracks, holes and dents
  • Damp, rot, radon, asbestos, Japanese knotweek, woodworm and headlice
  • Lots of land, outbuilding, commercial or residential elements
  • Sitting tenants, agricultural ties, strange easements and covenants and restrictions
  • Castles, Oil Rigs, Islands, Churches, Temples, Towers and underwater civilizations.

At Enness, we encounter problems like these all the time. We will work with you, your lawyers and the surveyor to understand the problem, resolve or limit its effect, allow you to purchase the property and then, once the defect is resolved, refinance you onto mainstream, more cost-effective terms.

This is by no means the easiest part of our job, but we enjoy the technical problem solving elements – more so if there is a huge time pressure as well!

As with everything, the quicker you call us, the faster we can get to work finding a solution.