Fast transactions

The text book reason for needing a bridging loan – speed.

We are available morning noon and night, 7 days a week to discuss your fast funding needs.

Our market position means lenders are keen to work with us – we have most of the decision makers’ personal phone numbers on speed dial and Whatsapp.

We won’t waste your time, mess about or avoid your calls. We will solve your problems as fast as we possibly can.


Really Fast Bridging Loans

If any of the following situations sound familiar, bridging is something you should consider.

  • I have been let down by my main lender at the last minute and need to exchange/complete
  • My lender is taking far too long to agree my mortgage and I need to exchange to secure the property
  • I am about to buy a property but a related sale has faltered – I need to arrange funds to make up the shortfall/deposit
  • I have found a great opportunity and need to exchange very fast to stave off the competition and secure the deal
  • I have been hit by a surprise tax bill or my company needs funds fast
  • I have just purchased something at auction and have 20/28 days to exchange

We have a huge amount of experience with these sorts of requirements and are fully prepared to meet any timescale given to us. This is how we do it:

  1. We are available to speak every hour of every day – by phone, email or text
  2. Our first conversation will give us enough information to confirm we can help and find out which lenders will assist
  3. We will then create a full, detailed lending report for the lender we agree is best suited to help
  4. If needed, we will engage our network of lawyers and surveyors on your behalf
  5. We will handle all the paperwork, related parties and everything else to ensure important stages are not missed or delayed

Only with this level of control, our unparalleled access to lenders and our significant experience in this field can truly fast bringing loans be achieved.