Unusual Circumstances

With property transactions, there are so many constituent parts to consider. Any number of unexpected situations can arise, to which short-term finance may well be the best solution. Thanks to our wide range of lenders, we can help even if your requirements fall outside normal bridging parameters.

This is our headline-grabbing, adrenaline-charged section, full of super solutions and high fives. In the words of one of our clients, we can ‘pull a rabbit out of a hat’ – and will do our absolute best to achieve the unlikely for you too.



Complex Bridging Loans

There isn’t a good term for these sorts of cases. It’s a catch-all, ‘I think we can do that’ area which runs through our whole organisation.

It’s the “90% loan to value Mauritian special purpose vehicle under a trust for the daughter of an ex-Georgian defence minister’s ex-husband, to release funds for a development site in Montenegro, secured against a completely vacant and derelict prime central London asset”.

It’s the “65% loan to value second charge secured against the lease of a trading restaurant which is closed for refurbishment, where the builders have downed tools as they haven’t been paid for a month”.

It’s the last minute solution to stop an elderly couple’s high value asset being repossessed because they over-geared and were then left woefully neglected by their previous advisers.

We call these our ‘unplaceables’ and we are very proud when we get them solved. These cases are discussed every Tuesday by the whole company so that we can get every angle covered, every relationship maximized and every favour pulled.

In summary, the more complicated, confusing and time-sensitive, the better. We accept all assets, nationalities, histories, political status, ownership structures and reasons for the loan.

We won’t find terms for them all – but that won’t stop us trying!